Literature and Evil

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Literature and evil

His father was already blind and paralyzed from syphilis when Bataille was born. In , Bataille's father died, his mind destroyed by his illness. The death marked his son for life. While working at the Bibliotheque National in Paris during the s, Bataille underwent psychoanalysis and became involved with some of the intellectuals in the Surrealist movement, from whom he learned the concept of incongruous imagery in art.

In he founded the journal Critique, which published the early work of some of his contemporaries in French intellectual life, including Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida. Bataille believed that in the darkest moments of human existence-in orgiastic sex and terrible death-lay ultimate reality. By observing them and even by experiencing them, actually in sex and vicariously in death, he felt that one could come as close as possible to fully experiencing life in all its dimensions.

Beyond Good and Evil.

Literature And Evil

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Literature and evil / by Georges Bataille ; translated by Alastair Hamilton - Details - Trove

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Literature and Evil Literature and Evil
Literature and Evil Literature and Evil
Literature and Evil Literature and Evil
Literature and Evil Literature and Evil
Literature and Evil Literature and Evil
Literature and Evil Literature and Evil

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