The cry of the dove

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Both Liz and Parvin are straddling two cultures just as Salma is. Liz in her drunkenness often cannot distinguish between her present life in England and her life as a privileged girl in the bygone India of the Raj.

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Parvin has left her hometown to escape an arranged marriage and is trying to make her way away from her family. While the story is a tragic one there are numerous instances of humor produced by cross-cultural misunderstandings like this one. What are some other instances of humor in the book? I might stop being Salma and become someone else, who never had a bite of the forbidden apple.

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Time might pass quickly so I would slide gently from prison to grave. Does she take comfort from these attempts? Salma has a black shawl that once belonged to her mother. How does she use this memento of her past life? Talk about other mementoes. Salma is haunted by her past and especially by the baby girl that was wrenched from her at birth. I knew that breeze. She was out there crying, looking for a foothold. I knew that wind. What emotions do you think are directing Salma here? Would you say that she is in a permanent post partum depression?

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Why do you think Salma marries John? Why after all the years that have passed, a new baby, and the beginning of better prospects for Salma does she decide to go home? What choices would you have liked to see her make after all her years in exile? Explain how you think she could have made these choices.

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A multi-layered novel about the difficulty of self-forgiveness. From Amazon As a professor of English in a state university and teacher of Middle Eastern Women Writers I am always looking for novels that will challenge my students. I have used Faqir's second novel Pillars of Salt on several occasions. I was eager to assign The Cry of the Dove this semester. I had never read it before and I read it along with my students.

Mimicry in Fadia Faqir’s The Cry of the Dove

Our first reaction to Salma's inability to forgive herself and to "get over it" was based on the idea that she wasn't trying hard enough to settle into her new life in Exeter. However, after completing the novel my students and I came to understand the difficulty she had in adjusting to the country that was now to be her home. Her landlady lives a parallel life, the shop keeper across the road lives as an outsider, her Welsh friend lives with a sense of distrust for the English.

How, we concluded, could we expect Salma to behave much differently than she did. Her early sexual experiences were brutal and abusive, her pregnancy blamed entirely on her, her protective custody, flight to the convent and eventually England did nothing to encourage her to forgive herself for her moment of adolescent indescretion. My students and I predicted the conclusion but wanted to avoid reading it. We knew what would happen. This novel continues Faqir's theme of womens' lack of power in the face of the male establishment, specifically, male relatives.

The author clearly follows the themes of immigration, empowerment, personal power and cultural tradition. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title The English doctor tells Salma that she must forget her past.

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The cry of the dove

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The cry of the dove The cry of the dove
The cry of the dove The cry of the dove
The cry of the dove The cry of the dove
The cry of the dove The cry of the dove
The cry of the dove The cry of the dove
The cry of the dove The cry of the dove

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