Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)

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Follow by Email. Pageviews from the past week. Narrated by: Emily Woo Zeller. Length: 10 hrs and 22 mins. In exchange for an honest review. I like the narrator as I have listened to her before, but I did have to up to 2.

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Jo lives with her guardian in a basement. Atlanta after the war means no rights for Chinese people, they are not even citizens. She loses her job and starts working for the family she worked for before, including a certain bratty daughter. She also starts writing an agony aunt column that takes the city by storm. Did I see the city going crazy over it, nah, not really. I liked what she had to say, she wanted equality and liberty. But far fetched sure, but hey this is a story after all and I really liked how she went after everything.

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  5. Though the author did try to put in too many issues at once, I know the time gives a lot to talk about, but a focus on a fewer would have been better. There might be a romance blossoming at the end, nah, did not feel that.

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    5. Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)
      Vamp in the Silver Mask (Vamp Camp, Book 3)

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