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I have to say, it about killed me to give SEP a 1 star rating. Even the books that weren' There was nothing redeeming about this book for me. Even the books that weren't my favorite by her got a decent rating, this one just simply contained all of my pet peeves in one book. My issue with books that have little dialogue is that they tend to read as overly dramatic, to me that is. And it's hard to feel like the plot is driving the story, and then I start to feel like the author is "info dumping" on us-- it feels text bookish-- character A does this and so character B feels this way and then does this.

It's not my favorite style. But hey, why don't we just fall into bed together and then because we had great sex it's obvious that we HAVE to be in love and everything is just going to be hunky-dory. Oh, I why don't I throw in some minor stalking while I'm at it? This isn't a pet peeve, but usually I like SEP's secondary characters. I really didn't this time.

To be honest I didn't think any of the characters were all that likable. Nothing really drew me in. I couldn't help but feel like this book was a recycled "Natural Born Charmer," which I love, but this was a watered down, boring re-write of it. And I was so excited for it And can I just roll my eyes at the token gay character????? Yeah, I felt like that entire story line was thrown in there just to have a token gay character-- it read quite disjointed to me, I didn't believe it and so it pushed the "drama for drama sake" button for me.

I don't have issues with gay characters, this one just didn't do it for me. I can't really explain why, maybe the entire book just soured me on any twist and turn. I left my biggest frustration for last-- apparently calling a half black little boy a "boy" is racist????? What the crap???? I grew up in the south and never heard that one. Maybe I was just too sheltered in my over-half black school???? The kid didn't feel persecuted, held back, different, etc, so why, WHY, did she feel the need to try and make him feel that way????

I get that she was trying to have Bree bring an avenue for him to feel pride in his heritage, but it's not like he was ashamed of being half black! He simply didn't focus all of his energy on his skin color. It just frustrated me. I'll stop now and maybe just cross my fingers that her next one is more my style. View all 19 comments. Jul 09, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance.

And made the great escape from Wynette on the back of a motorbike with a stranger named Panda. It's not necessary though to read Call Me Irresistible first or any previous books in the series. Panda starts out as an offensive jerk, and Lucy considers him as nothing more than a 'primitive life-form'.

But this is just a persona that Panda adopts, for good reason. Bit by bit Panda's past is revealed and it's not a happy one. He and Lucy have a lot in common, especially growing up in their early years. We find out his real name, Patrick Shade. Lucy is the good girl who turned herself around from the wildchild we were first introduced to in First Lady. Now she's returning to her roots and getting down and dirty, creating a reverse bucket list.

SEP is one of the few authors whose entire booklist I've read including that awful debut. And like any author she has her great, good and not-so-good titles. It certainly has some of her famous hallmark wit and characterisations, but on the whole it is a bit of a letdown. The routine where Panda was frisking Lucy for contraband was wonderful though. Very SEP. The main romance between Panda and Lucy is fairly meagre and left me wanting. As in most of her books there is a secondary romance a couple of secondaries, actually and a lot more going on than just the main romance.

Unfortunately for me it felt more like filler. This story does tend to have more of a women's fiction feel to it than a lot of her other contemporary romances. The setting on Charity Island where most of the story takes place is really lovely. Though not quite a 4-star book for me, The Great Escape has more to love than not, so I'm rounding up. This is not her best work in my opinion, but I think fans will still enjoy this one from the incomparable SEP. Steam: 2. View all 29 comments. If said previous instalment in the Wynette series dealt with the jilted-at-the-altar groom's point of view, here we are presented with the other side of the coin through the perspectives of the runaway bride and the mysterious man accompanying her on a wild ride.

Despite the exciting premis 2,5 Stars Well-written and, in the sparse good moments, full of the usual trademark quirky humour, I nonetheless found it little inspired and not as engaging compared to its counterpart, Call Me Irresistible. Despite the exciting premise, I often found myself thinking this book was trying too hard, with contrived conflicts and particularly with Lucy's constant self-doubting and unnecessary belligerency toward the hero. Also, the secondary cast of characters and relative sub-threads, unlike in many other books by Phillips where there's usually a nice balance between the two layers, took up too much scene away from the main plot, frequently making the story dispersive.

So, as whole and within this author's standard, just a barely middling read for me. Jul 13, Sadie rated it did not like it Shelves: romance-all , z-romance You know when you read a book from one of your favorite authors of all times and wonder if it's a test Also, instead of reading this book, just go rent Chasing Liberty. Same premise, much cuter. The secondary story felt incomplete, the characters never really connected, the transformations were stilted, the Ah-ha Moments were more like, Yeah? I think the woman's whole house and yard belong on Wow.

I think the woman's whole house and yard belong on a pedestal, but this book was a loss for me. The only other one of her books I rank this lowly is Hot Shot for the sneaky emotional blackmail ending. I will say this, unlike the last book in this series, it didn't turn beloved heroines in to bitchy, bullies.

I guess that's good.


View all 4 comments. Shelves: d-oh , i-am-disappoint , lust-at-first-sight , skimfest , the-hate-it-burns , buddy-or-group-read , romance-contemporary , nope , facepalm , fat-kitty-judges-you. Oh hell I fell asleep while reading. But wait! Holy shitting mushrooms I rated a Susan Elizabeth Phillips book one star.

It was so painful. The Great Escape was supposed to be the book that makes up for the epic fail that was Call Me Irresistible. And the sad thing is that at least I managed to finish Call Me Irresistible. I could not finish The Great Escape. My main reason is its dullness. I miss her naughty characters. I miss her good humor, and I miss her sweet stories. The Great Escape follows Lucy and the mysterious biker named Panda. Yes, Panda. I guess this explains the name.

He is a sexy biker, so I guess this was supposed to make us forgive the stupid name. This made me very excited about buying the book. Right now, I feel betrayed. My dreams were shattered. My contemporary book loving world is shattered. Anyway, I was talking about Panda. Susan Elizabeth Phillips usually attracts me through her characters. Panda started out as a very interesting person. Behaving like a pig. He scratched, belched, grunted. I loved him. But then things started to look fishy. I was sure he was faking, and I was very curious to know why he was doing it.

And then I find out that he was her bodyguard, and he was paid to take care of her.

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Lucy had the potential of being a good character. She is portrayed as a dull woman who does not even reach the potential of the old Lucy we know. The biggest problem I have is the lack of chemistry between Lucy and Panda. No chemistry. The sex scenes were tasteless. The whole book is tasteless. Boring boring bang your head against all sharp edged surfaces boring! I was going to try my best and finish reading it. There are so many potentially good books out there. Read her review here. View all 24 comments. I felt good while reading the paperback, but the audiobook narrator ruined it.

I love her style.

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I love her dialogue. I love the way her characters bicker and insult each other. When I opened this book and began reading I felt like I had just been reunited with an old friend. A lot of her stories are similar, but I like her kind of stories. Some reviewers claimed it was too long. I prefer long because I like being in her world. Some reviewers complained she talked about too many social issues: racial, disadvantaged youth, lesbian, military PTSD. They were not overwhelming or depressing.

They were secondary stories. Several reviewers claimed there was not enough chemistry between Lucy and Panda. I agree. I would have liked more emotional development. Secondary stories had interesting characters including divorced, down on her luck Bree who recently became guardian to year-old Toby, and fitness guru Temple hiding out for a while.

Whenever two characters are talking she uses a normal voice for one character and her chipmunk voice for the other character. She is not consistent. Sometimes Lucy is normal, other times Lucy is chipmunkish, other times Lucy sounds like a high pitched whiny toddler and other times like an elderly lady. It was a weird, icky voice. During a sex scene Lucy sounded dorky and whiny, not sensual. I would have said things with a different tone. DATA: Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: none.

Number of sex scenes: 3. Setting: current day mostly Charity Island, Michigan, with a few other locations.

Wynette, Texas: What I Did for Love 5 by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (2009, Paperback)

Copyright: Genre: contemporary romance. View all 7 comments.

Feb 08, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: listened-to-audiobook , finished-series , adult-contemporary-romance , adult-content , read This story follows up on the opening scene from the sixth book: Call Me Irresistible when Lucy plays the role of runaway bride. That story swiftly segued into the groom's new romance, but what happened to Lucy? Well, Ms. Phillips spills it all in The Great Escape Phillips offers readers complex characters who have very complicated but moving moments. In addition, Ms.

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Phillips' classic humor, banter, and romance remain a loud and clear presence. My only real complaint and the reason for 4. I understand that it ended up being real and not just a tactic but I hate to see real or fictional people claim to be pregnant to keep a man. If you haven't met the fabulous Susan Elizabeth Phillips yet then just eenie, meenie, miney, moe one of her series or standalones and get started.

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She's great!!! My favorite quote: "Be the best at what you're good at. View 1 comment. Nov 19, Dija rated it really liked it Recommended to Dija by: Aly is so frigging bored. Shelves: buddy-slash-group-read , authors-i-stalk , my-reviews , read-in , awww , july , cotton-candy-fluff , cr , surprisingly-good. And really, with a hero named "Panda", how great could it possibly be?

I was spot-on for about the first half or so. Panda was disgusting and I didn't recognize grown-up Lucy at all, who used to be so brave and courageous in First Lady. All the characters were acting like snobs and I was sure this would be another huge flop like Meg's book was. I have no idea when it happened, but the story crept up on me and I gradually came to care so much for these messed-up, broken, yet real characters. Panda was a beautiful hero especially since his disgusting personality view spoiler [was just a ruse hide spoiler ] and quickly became one of my top 3 favorites of all of SEP's male characters.

I initially began to love him after the first chapter from his POV, and truly fell for him when we find out about his tragic past. Lucy was a changed person at the beginning but by the end, she turned out to be exactly the woman I'd expected her to develop into after First Lady. The beginning was more than a little rocky, but the ending completely makes up for it.

For more reviews, visit my blog. View all 5 comments. Feb 19, Zeek rated it it was ok Shelves: contemp-rom , romance. But it's Panda. Doesn't really bring to mind biker dude though, does it?. When she finds out his oafish behavior is all an act to get rid of her, she becomes furious. So she sneaks off after he leaves her at the airport, and lands herself in a secluded lake community… and in a house owned by him. She picked up on the place from a business card that fell out of his pocket.

Cause God knows nothing else will. A decided lack of chemistry between Lucy and Patrick became my biggest issue with this book. I actually liked both the characters… just not together. I liked Patrick more than her. I got the mistake in who she was marrying and loved the premise of her being brave enough to get out while the gettins good.

Plus the whole side storyline with the gal selling honey in the lake community? I skimmed. All of it. Which is bizarre because SEP's side characters are always just as interesting to me as the main couple. I still am fuzzy as to why she and the kiddo she was raising were part of this book. I think there was some sorta big reveal as to her connection to Patrick but meh.

SEP used to know her characters. This one makes me wonder if she cares to get to know them anymore. Jul 23, Miki rated it did not like it Shelves: never-read-again. And there goes another writer off my "must read" list. I like -and still re-read- SEP's earlier books. She used to be an automatic HB buy for me. Then she slid down to "wait for the paperback" and from there to "borrow from the library" but now I'm done. No more Ms Phillips from any source. Lucy - who is presented as an intelligent, something woman - leaves her fiance at the altar and runs away with a strange - in EVERY sense of the word - man on a motorcycle, to Find Herself.

In order to do And there goes another writer off my "must read" list. In order to do this she feels she needs to trade in her conservative clothes and hair for a pink tutu, combat boots, and red dreadlocks. She doesn't contact her beloved and loving family for days, and refuses to tell them where she is. This is "Finding Yourself"? Where I come from, we call it "Acting like a Spoiled Brat". At one point, she receives a call from her best friend, who is on the point of having sex with the dumped fiance, asking if Lucy is SURE she doesn't mind. They are already in bed together, and Ted can hear the whole conversation.

High ICK factor here. But Lucy not only doesn't mind, she's ecstatic! Now she can stop worrying about how she hurt him, because, gee, Meg the friend is JUST what he needs. And she is the judge of that because??? The motorcycle guy turns out to be a bodyguard, hired by her family, and Lucy regards this a an out and out betrayal. So she acts like a spoiled brat some more. And so on. Not much content here. A couple of side plots are awkward and unpolished, as are the characters. This book is asinine. Oct 02, Anne OK rated it really liked it Shelves: reads.

Lucy's made her escape; she ran from Mr. Oh but hang on gang, the fun is just beginning. SEP is about to take us on another fun-filled, glorious trip into romanceland where she'll introduce us to another group of unforgettable characters. This one kept me captivated from beginning to ending. A little stretch of the imagination is required but still yet what I expect from one of my favorite contempo Lucy's made her escape; she ran from Mr.

A little stretch of the imagination is required but still yet what I expect from one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. As always, there's a big dose of the priceless dialogue that always accompanies a book by SEP. I admit to questioning what on earth possessed SEP's choice of the name Panda for Lucy's hero, but I really liked him, as well as his back story, and think he's the better choice for Lucy.

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There are several additional storylines going that kept the magic alive in this one as well. The location for the major portion of the story is also absolutely marvelous. It adds such quality and enjoyment as well. I loved this one and enjoyed a fantastic day of reading Lucy and Panda's story.

View 2 comments. Jul 08, Nancy rated it it was ok. This was a disappointing book for me. The basic story line is that Lucy is to marry the perfect man, Ted, and runs away. Conveniently, Tough Motorcycle Man who calls himself Panda! He's rude, crude and inconsiderate. After a couple of weeks, he dumps her at the airport and tells her to go home. And so she does. She goes to HIS home. She has figured out at least that much. And that he has a great kisser. And that drives her to his summer home in Michigan. Because This was a disappointing book for me. Because she's a high profile figure, she reinvents herself.

Those who have already read some of Phillips other novels, are already familiar with Lucy's story. For those who enjoyed the other books, I would suggest continuing with the story. Those stepping in, I suggest otherwise. Lucy and Panda are rude to one another, disrespectful, have lusty, carnal sex, and are drawn to one another while I have no idea why. As a general rule, I avoid romance and erotica novels. This is neither. It's a story of two unlikable people who try to be something they are not and can't keep their hands off one another.

Lucy tries out her alter ego she calls "Viper" and refers to herself in third person. It's boring and stupid. Sweet and privileged, she makes out a skanky bucket list and dresses the part. Meanwhile, Panda believes himself unworthy of this skanky character who, he believes although there is little evidence to prove his theory that she's really a sweet, innocent girl. I missed common sense dearly in this one. I also missed a reasonable story line. As I said, if you are already a fan of the Jorik characters, keep reading. But I think you might be disappointed in dear, sweet Lucy.

She loses credibility in this one. If you're just starting in on the family, you might just want to pass this one by. Not worth my time. View all 3 comments. Jul 15, Janelle rated it liked it. I'm a huge SEP fan having, like the reviewer below, read all of her books, soI've been looking forward to Lucy Jorik's story for quite awhile. When I saw that it had finally been released, I wasted no time running down to Barnes and Noble to plunk down my money for the hardcover Super disappointed.

There's a dynamic between the main characters in SEP's previous books that is exciting. The banter is snappy, the chemistry electric. This book s I'm a huge SEP fan having, like the reviewer below, read all of her books, soI've been looking forward to Lucy Jorik's story for quite awhile. This book seems to lack that. In spades. Don't get me wrong--there are some great moments in this book, i.

Former First Daughter Lucy Jorik flees from her wedding, gets picked up by a motorcycle-riding guy who is the opposite of the too-perfect groom she's dumped, and finally gets a chance to go a little bad -- and it feels so good. This is a sequel to Call Me Irresistible , which opens with Lucy's failed wedding, but then follows her best friend's romance with the jilted groom. In this book, readers finally get to find out what happened to Lucy.

This was everything I love about Susan Elizabeth Phill Former First Daughter Lucy Jorik flees from her wedding, gets picked up by a motorcycle-riding guy who is the opposite of the too-perfect groom she's dumped, and finally gets a chance to go a little bad -- and it feels so good. This was everything I love about Susan Elizabeth Phillips's books. It has a beautiful summer setting on a Great Lake, with lots of lazy days spent swimming while Lucy tries to figure out what she wants for her life.

It has a gorgeous hero with enough issues to maintain tension. It focuses on family and friendship, with rich sub- and side-plots that fill the story out and create a whole big lived-in world. And for once, the heroine wasn't broke! SEP is definitely my go-to happy romance author right now. Sep 29, Nisha rated it really liked it Shelves: married , contemporary-romance. I'm so excited for Lucy's book, but a hero named Panda He's got to have a cooler name. View all 8 comments. Mar 14, Duchess Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: library , 5-star-read , kids-in-the-picture , z-audiobooks , genre-contemp-romance , read-in How is it that SEP's characters all feel like real people, living real lives?

And they're all now my best friends. This one is part of a series and reading some of the previous ones will probably benefit you.

I particularly recommend reading First Lady to get a bead on Lucy's character. A lot of the motivation in this book is that she has kind of lost who she is and it makes more sense if you see the kind of person she started out as before Nealy and Mat came into her life. I also recommend reading the previous book, Call Me Irresistible because it's fun and it gives you a better understanding of what Lucy i This one is part of a series and reading some of the previous ones will probably benefit you.

What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)
What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)
What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)
What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)
What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)
What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5) What I Did for Love: A Novel (Wynette, Texas Book 5)

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